Maine Lobster Bowl Classic
Selecting Process

An invitation to participate in the Maine Lobster Bowl Classic is not only a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Athletes to showcase their skills, but it is also an opportunity to train with premier coaches and other players.

In today’s highly competitive market, the teams are looking for superior talent and outstanding character and integrity. At the Maine Lobster Bowl Classic, our Coaches and staff are committed to providing the appropriate environment for each participating athlete. The environment will be a first-class event that will allow the Athletes to show the world why they belong among the best players in the game.

Athletes chosen to participate in the Maine Lobster Bowl Classic are recommended by their high-school coaches and selected by the Lobster Bowl coaches themselves. The invitations are primarily based on an athlete’s potential, experience, and character. This year’s game will invite 91 Players and 40 cheerleaders from across Maine. The teams will be evenly divided into East and West Maine, based on the athlete’s high school.

The Athletes invited must be recently high-school graduates. In addition, they must be in good standing at their school. Please know that the Maine Lobster Bowl Classic is looking to field the best Athletes who are also overall good citizens. For this reason, we will extend invitations to Athletes from all divisions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.